November 2019 Market Update: Chris Heerlein Outlines the State of the Equity Market


In his recent video presentation, Chris Heerlein of Reap Financial, Financial Advisors based in Austin, Texas, reflects on the robust performance of equity markets in 2019 and outlines a strategic approach for investors in 2020. Celebrating a year of significant returns, Heerlein credits the cooperative nature of the markets for these positive outcomes. With the advent of 2020, an election year, he shifts the discussion towards potential market volatility. Drawing on historical data, Heerlein reassures investors that, despite expected short-term market swings during election periods, the long-term impact of election outcomes on market trends is generally negligible.

Heerlein also addresses the psychological aspect of investing, emphasizing the importance of rational decision-making over emotional reactions, especially in response to political events. He cites the market reactions following the 2016 election as a prime example of emotion-driven volatility, distinct from fundamental economic indicators. To adeptly navigate the anticipated ups and downs of 2020, Heerlein introduces buffered notes as a strategic investment option. This approach aims to balance potential growth with downside protection, apt for a market environment poised for both opportunities and uncertainties. Heerlein’s strategy for the upcoming year is not just about preparing for potential challenges but also about seizing opportunities in an ever-evolving market landscape.

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