Serious Wealth

Wealth Preservation

Our strategy is used to get rid of the overwhelming nature of your personal finances and to determine the most appropriate solutions on how to bridge the gap from where you are now to where you want to be in the future.


Wealth Protection

Every castle has a moat around it to protect it from invading forces. Your personal financial castle needs a “virtual moat” to help protect your wealth from potential lawsuits, illnesses, death, disabilities, accidents, divorces and much more.

Wealth Enhancement

Want to reach your goals quickly? Taxes could be holding you back. Wealth Enhancement is all about strategies to mitigate your taxes and help restructure liabilities to lift these anchors so you can move ahead effectively and efficiently.


Wealth Succession

Our Austin financial planners are focused on ensuring your estate plan is current and designed to mitigate the impact of estate taxes so your children, your grandchildren and heirs are fully provided for. If you are charitably inclined, you’ll also find ways to make an even greater impact to the causes you are passionate about.

Wealth Mindset

You can do everything right in the areas above, but it’s easy to let emotions rule your financial decision-making. With the right guidance, counsel, experience and expertise you can manage your mindset to make smart, well-informed, logical decisions even when your emotions are flying high.