I’m Retired, What’s Next? | 5 Things to Do As Soon As You Retire

Retirement marks a significant milestone in our lives, a phase that brings both exciting opportunities and unique challenges. At REAP Financial, we understand that planning for retirement involves more than just financial considerations; it’s about crafting a meaningful and fulfilling life post-career. In this blog post, we’ll explore the insights shared by our experienced retirement advisor, Chris Heerlein, as he uncovers the top five opportunities for a successful transition into retirement.

1. Crafting a Purposeful Routine (01:20):

Retirement often means bidding farewell to the structured work schedule we’ve known for decades. Chris emphasizes the importance of creating a new routine that brings purpose and fulfillment to each day. Whether it’s starting a business, spending time with loved ones, or exploring part-time work for healthcare benefits, establishing a routine is key to navigating the open schedule that retirement offers.

2. Financial Considerations in Relocating or Downsizing (02:14):

Many retirees find themselves contemplating relocation or downsizing. Chris sheds light on the financial implications of such decisions, considering factors like property taxes, Medicare premiums, and potential tax implications. This section serves as a valuable guide for individuals looking to make informed choices about their living arrangements during retirement.

3. Estate Planning: Ensuring Your Affairs Are in Order (02:59):

Retirement is the ideal time to review and update your estate plan. Chris emphasizes the importance of having updated wills, power of attorneys, and considering the potential need for a living trust. With a focus on protecting your portfolio and ensuring your wishes are carried out, this section provides actionable steps for securing your financial legacy.

4. The Role of a Fiduciary Financial Advisor (03:44):

Hiring a fiduciary financial advisor is a critical step in navigating the complexities of retirement. Chris discusses the importance of regular consultations to address not only portfolio performance but also the tax implications of various financial decisions. This section highlights the value of professional guidance to maximize income and mitigate potential stealth taxes during retirement.

5. Building and Executing Your Retirement Bucket List (04:36):

Retirement is not just about financial planning; it’s about enjoying the fruits of your labor. Chris encourages retirees to create a bucket list and confidently execute it with a well-defined retirement plan. This section offers insights into creating a written living retirement plan that allows individuals to spend confidently and indulge in their long-awaited dreams.

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