Jessica Hinson


Jessica Hinson

Chief Operating Officer

With over 18 years of leadership, client relationship management, and business operations experience, Jessica takes pride in maintaining a culture where both our team and clients thrive.

In her role as Chief Operating Officer, Jessica oversees our team of client service specialists, ensures a seamless client experience, and works closely with the CEO and Founders on new marketing initiatives and business development. In her dual role as Chief Compliance Officer, she ensures the firm is compliant in all areas of the business.

Prior to joining REAP, Jessica worked in insurance sales and retail management. “I was yearning to make a lasting difference and believe I was helping people. I wanted to work for a charitable company that cares about its clients and employees.”

Jessica is an Austin native and still lives there with her dog, Pearl. She loves discovering new films and music. An avid traveler and hiker, she’d love to spend two or three weeks exploring Southeast Asia.